The RFP document has been updated to include draft guidance on converting VCS methodologies for the Scope 3 Standard Program.

Verra has released a Request for Proposals (RFP) (PDF) for organizations that have an ongoing supply chain intervention project to support the development of its Scope 3 Standard (S3S) Program. Such interventions comprise activities or technologies implemented within a supply chain that affect the emissions footprint of a supply chain good or service. The supply chain intervention projects must employ project activities relevant to a methodology in Verra’s Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Program.

Verra’s S3S Program aims to unlock immediate and large-scale investment in supply chain climate action. Version 1.0 of the program is expected to launch in 2025.

Successful applicants will help shape the design of the program and its first methodologies through providing substantial feedback. Participation in this pilot will provide the opportunity to learn from other pilot projects and engage with the latest proposals and ideas put forward by Verra’s Scope 3 Team and other stakeholders.

Organizations responding to the RFP will carry out two concurrent workstreams:

  1. Adapting an existing VCS methodology for the S3S Program: Selected organizations will adapt a relevant VCS methodology for the S3S Program by applying it to their ongoing supply chain intervention project. Verra will provide draft methodology adaptation guidance, on which we invite feedback during this process, and will also facilitate opportunities for pilot projects to collaborate on the methodology adaptation. (This draft guidance will become available toward the end of Q1 2024.) Please see below for a list of priority and excluded VCS methodologies.
  2. Piloting a preliminary version of the S3S Program and providing feedback on its design: Selected organizations will use an ongoing project to test the processes, technical design, usability, and infrastructure of a preliminary draft version of the S3S Program, and actively engage in a dynamic program development process. Verra will use the results of the piloting process to develop version 1.0 of the S3S Program.

Please submit proposals to Verra’s Scope 3 Team ( by close of business on April 26, 2024. After that date, the team will interview top candidates to discuss their proposals and answer clarifying questions. Verra plans to finalize the selection process in early May.

Note that this opportunity is not funded by Verra. Applicants will be expected to fund their own work and engagement in the methodology adaptation and piloting process.

All VCS methodologies covering avoided conversion project activities will be excluded from the initial round of adaptation:

All current REDD methodologies (VM0006, VM0007, VM0015) will be excluded from adaptation due to the transition to Verra’s new REDD methodology, which will not be ready to implement for adaptation for the Scope 3 Standard Program in 2024.

Note: These methodologies will not necessarily be excluded from use in the Scope 3 Standard Program.