Sectoral Scope

13. Waste handling and disposal

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Active since 12 July 2023

The methodology applies to activities that avoid food loss and waste (FLW) by keeping food in the human supply chain. It provides procedures to quantify the downstream emission reductions from diverting food from an FLW destination (e.g., landfill). Project activities may prevent FLW at different stages of the food chain, including at farms, food processing facilities, retailers, food services/hospitalities, and households.

Development History

VM0046 Methodology for Reducing Food Loss and Waste
Status: Active since 12 July 2023
Developer: Verra led the development process for this methodology and hired Quantis, Inc. and Kai Robertson as developers of the methodology.
Dates of Public Consultation: 8 March 2022 to 24 April 2022
Summary of Public Consultation: VM0046, v1.0 Summary of Public Comments
VVB Assessment Report: VM0046, v1.0 VVB Assessment Report