Certification to the Climate, Community & Biodiversity (CCB) Standards demonstrates that a project simultaneously addresses climate change, supports local communities and smallholders, and conserves biodiversity.

The CCB Program has three different types of program documents: Requirements, Procedural, and Templates.

These documents are updated periodically. Please check this page to be sure you are using the latest version of a given document.

The CCB Standards provide a clear framework of issues to consider and processes to develop during design of any site-based activity that could impact local communities and the environment. Projects seeking to register in the CCB Standards Program will undergo a robust development and assessment process.


Projects using the CCB Standards must be certified through a two-step process performed by independent, third-party auditors that includes

  • Validation, which demonstrates that a project is designed to meet the requirements of the CCB Standards and will generate significant climate, community and biodiversity benefits; and
  • Verification, which ensures that a project is being implemented according to the project design and, therefore, has provided climate, community, and biodiversity benefits.


The Verra Registry is the cornerstone for the implementation of Verra’s standards and programs. It facilitates the transparent listing of information on registered projects and projects pursuing registration, issued and retired units, and enables the trading of units. It is the central repository for all information and documentation relating to Verra projects and credits. The Verra Registry also ensures the uniqueness of projects and credits in the system.


The CCB Standards were developed by the Climate, Community & Biodiversity Alliance (CCBA). Verra assumed management of the CCB Standards in November of 2014. Verra is committed to ensuring that the CCB Standards promote the generation of significant social and environmental benefits while adhering to good practices for the development and use of international social and environmental standards.

For a running catalog of all updates, see the Updates to the CCB Standards Version 3.


Verra provides a Complaints and Appeals Policy that applies to all standards and programs managed by Verra.