Below is a list of all updates to CCB Version 3 documentation since December 2013, when Version 3 was first released.

CCB documentation is updated periodically and individual updates are incorporated into the relevant documents. Updates strengthen or expand the scope of the program.

Q2 Update Overview (release date: 21 June 2017)

  1. Introduced new project document templates for all CCB Standards editions, including combined templates for projects using the CCB Program together with the VCS Program.
  2. Introduced a dedicated template section designed to help projects communicate their anticipated and achieved social and environmental benefits. See the Introduction to the Summary of Project Benefits for more information on this section.
  3. Streamlined processes for project document submission and review, especially for projects using the CCB Program together with the VCS Program, including a new accuracy review process.
  4. Aligned terms, requirements and processes with those of the VCS Program.
  5. Reorganized and reformatted existing CCB Program documents, and introduced a new CCB Program Definitions document.

A public comment period was held from 07 November to 2016 – 06 January 2017 on updated versions of the Climate, Community & Biodiversity Standards, Rules for the Use of the Climate, Community & Biodiversity Standards and select project document templates. A summary of comments received and responses to comments can be found here. Track-changes versions of the templates that were up for public comment have been created to highlight the changes made to the final version. Please contact to request a copy.

Update webinar video (11 June , 12 June) and slides.

Q4 Update Overview (release date: 23 December 2015)

  • Released a clarification to allow CCB label-eligible VCUs to be issued without a CCB label, in certain cases for projects with preexisting sales contracts.
Q3 Update Overview (release date: 01 July 2015)

  • Introduced the Fee Schedule for the Climate, Community & Biodiversity Standards and new CCB Program fees.
  • Updated the Rules for the Use of the Climate, Community & Biodiversity Standards to incorporate information on the CCB Program fees and updated CCB labeling requirements.
  • Required that all CCB label-eligible VCUs be labeled (effective 1 January 2016).
Q4 Update Overview (release date: 29 October 2014)

  • Introduced the option for projects to voluntarily apply a CCB label retroactively to eligible VCUs that had been previously issued.
Q4 Version 3 Development Synopsis (release date: 15 December 2013)

  • CCB Version 3 released