Final Verra Review

Sectoral Scope

7. Transport

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Under Development

This methodology applies to projects that improve the efficiency of vehicle fleets and mobile machinery (e.g., fleets of trucks, buses, cars, taxis or motorized tricycles, excavators, cranes), resulting in reduced fuel usage and GHG emissions. It is globally applicable.

This methodology is based on the CDM methodology AMS-III.BC.: Emission reductions through improved efficiency of vehicle fleets, v3.0 (external) and VMR0004 Revisions to AMS-III.BC to Include Mobile Machinery, v1.0.

Summary of Development:

The proposed methodology is being developed by dynaCERT (opens on external site). The methodology is currently at “Step 6: Final Verra Review and Decision” of the VCS Methodology Development and Review Process, 4.3 (PDF).