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14. Agriculture, Forestry, Land Use

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Ineligible Pending Methodology Update


Approved 28 April 2016

Second AssessorTÜV Nord Cert GmbH

This methodology quantifies the GHG benefits generated from preventing logging of forests that would have been logged in the absence of carbon finance. This methodology is applicable where the baseline scenario includes planned timber harvest, and under the project scenario, forest use is limited to activities that do not result in commercial timber harvest or forest degradation.

This methodology is applicable to tropical, temperate or boreal forests.

The latest revision of VM0010 includes mechanisms to quantify the emissions resulting from establishing forestry infrastructure (eg, clearing roads, skid trains and log landings), as well as the fossil fuels from forestry machinery including mechanized felling, skidding, forwarding, haling, loading and transporting the wood products inside the project area.


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