Sectoral Scope

14. Agriculture, Forestry, Land Use


Approved 31 October 2022

This methodology quantifies the GHG emission reductions and removals generated by preventing land-use change of tropical peat forests. The methodology accounts for a reduction in GHG emissions by avoiding deforestation and peat drainage as well as an increase in carbon stock.

This methodology is applicable to undrained tropical peat forests in Southeast Asia. In the absence of a project, the land would have been completely deforested by a corporate or government entity.

The revised version 2.0 incorporates the WRC Requirements.

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This methodology was open for public comment from 29 January 2010 until 27 February 2010. Public comments are closed. The revised version 2.0 was open for public comment from 8 October 2020 until 7 November 2020. No comments were received.