Inactive 23 January 2024

Sectoral Scope

14. Agriculture, Forestry, Land Use

Verra has inactivated this methodology in accordance with Section 5 of the VCS Methodology Development and Review Process, v4.3 (PDF). See this announcement for further details.

This methodology quantifies the GHG emission reductions and removals generated by preventing land-use change of tropical peat forests. The methodology accounts for a reduction in GHG emissions by avoiding deforestation and peat drainage, as well as an increase in carbon stock. This methodology is applicable to undrained tropical peat forests in Southeast Asia. In the absence of a project, the land would have been completely deforested by a corporate or government entity.

Please Note:

  • Projects validated under VM0004 may continue to use it until their next baseline reassessment or crediting period renewal, whichever is the earliest.

Development History

Status: Active from October, 31 2022 to January 23, 2024
Summary of Changes: Version 2.0 incorporates WRC Requirements.
Developer: Infinite Earth (external)
Dates of Public Consultation: 8 October 2020 to 7 November 2020
Summary of Public Consultation: N/A
VVB Assessment Report: VM0004, v2.0 VVB Assessment Report (PDF)

VM0004 Methodology for Avoided Planned Land Use Conversion in Peat Swamp Forests, v1.0 (PDF)
Status: Active from August, 23 2010 to October, 30 2022
Developer: Infinite Earth (external)
Dates of Public Consultation: 29 January 2010 until 27 February 2010
Summary of Public Consultation: Comment Submission #1 (PDF), Comment Submission #2 (PDF)
VVB Assessment Report(s): VM0004, v1.0 First Assessment Report (PDF), VM0004, v1.0 Second Assessment Report (PDF)