Sectoral Scope

14. Agriculture, Forestry, Land Use

Outcome Label

Ineligible Pending Methodology Update


Approved 26 October 2022

This methodology is applicable to a wide range of improved forest management (IFM) practices and uses a dynamic performance benchmark for additionality and the crediting baseline created from national forest inventories. 

Eligible projects must adopt one or more specific, non-pre-existing, IFM practices. The focus of accounting is on estimation of GHG emissions and/or carbon stock change on permanent plots, not on estimation of stocks per se, therefore improving the precision of reported GHG emission reductions and/or removals.

The methodology employs a broad monitoring and accounting framework that captures the GHG impacts of IFM practices aimed at avoiding emissions (from harvest or natural disturbance) or enhancing sequestration. Projects may apply a combination of practices implemented together in the same area.

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This methodology was open for public comment from 17 August 2020 until 16 September 2020.