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16. Carbon Capture and Storage

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VM0049 Carbon Capture and Storage is globally applicable and applies to project activities involving carbon capture and storage (CCS). It relies on modules for quantifying emissions related to the capture, transport, and storage segments of a CCS project. These modules can be combined, depending on the specific design of the CCS project or technologies implemented. VM0049 also relies on several tools that provide procedures for performing specific analyses for applicable projects. Multiple modules and tools are being developed in batches.

Batch 1 includes:

  • VM0049 Carbon Capture and Storage
  • VMD0056 Removals from CO2 Capture from Air (Direct Air Capture or DAC),
  • VMD0057 Project Emissions from CO2 Transport
  • VMD0058 Project Emissions from CO2 Storage in Saline Aquifers and Depleted Hydrocarbon Reservoirs

For more details on Batch 2, see the Carbon Capture and Storage, Batch 2 Modules page.


VM0049 Carbon Capture and Storage was approved on June 27, 2024.

The methodology framework was submitted by South Pole Carbon Asset Management Ltd (external) and Perspectives Climate Group (external) as part of the CCS+ Initiative (external).