Verra will have a strong presence at the European Climate Summit (ECS) 2024 (external) from April 16 to 18, 2024, in Florence, Italy. Organized by IETA, ECS 2024 brings together policymakers and business and thought leaders to discuss strategies for building, scaling, and collaborating on carbon markets to achieve net zero.

The following Verra staff will be in attendance:

Verra team members have several speaking engagements (see below) and look forward to connecting with stakeholders during the conference. If you would like to meet with the Verra delegation during ECS 2024, please contact We will also welcome stakeholders at Verra’s exhibit booth, located at 6 East in the ECS 2024 Carbon Market Lounge surrounding the auditorium in the Passi Perduti.

Verra-Hosted Event

Please see below for details on the session that Verra is organizing at ECS 2024.

Tuesday, April 16

  • Tuesday, April 16, 4:45–5:45 pm CEST
  • Organizer: Verra
  • Verra staff: Andrew Howard, senior director, climate policy and strategy

The influx of private sector interest to the voluntary carbon market has coincided with – or perhaps sparked – intense scrutiny and criticism of its fundamental tools. Is offsetting over? How much decarbonization does the mitigation hierarchy demand? Is Paris accounting the answer? The emerging frameworks are making some headway. But what can be the way forward?


Please see below for a list of speaking engagements for Verra staff at ECS 2024.

Tuesday, April 16

  • Tuesday, April 16, 9:30 am–11:30 pm CEST
  • Organizer: IETA
  • Verra staff: Naomi Swickard, senior director, REDD+ program development and innovation

This session for IETA members will cover the broader transition period that the voluntary carbon market is undergoing, with a discussion of its impacts on REDD. The session will include updates on Verra’s innovative new REDD methodology in the context of this transition.

Wednesday, April 17

  • Wednesday, April 17, 5:45–6:30 pm CEST
  • Organizer: 1PointFive and Carbon Finance Lab (CFL)
  • Verra staff: Ian Kuwahara, director, energy and industrial innovation

The event aims to facilitate a dialogue on how to tackle market fragmentation from diverging quality assurance approaches in carbon accounting and help build investor confidence. We will delve into the role of market-based instruments such as the EU ETS for the emerging industrial carbon management economy. We will discuss how to ensure the quality and consistency of carbon accounting approaches as a bridge from voluntary to compliance markets, using CCS+ as an example.

  • Wednesday, April 17, 5:15–6:15 pm CEST
  • Organizer: S&P Global
  • Verra staff: Andrew Howard, senior director, climate policy and strategy

Explore carbon ecosystem connections at our exclusive event. Delve into intertwining exchange contracts and credits, omnibus accounts, and responsibilities like identification, reconciliation, and quality control. Join regulatory experts and industry leaders to decode carbon trading nuances, discover S&P Global Meta Registry’s role in advancing carbon trading connectivity, and discuss how to foster a sustainable market.

Thursday, April 18

  • Thursday, April 18, 12:30–1:30 pm CEST
  • Organizer: IETA
  • Verra staff: Andrew Howard, senior director, climate policy and strategy

At COP28, the leading independent carbon crediting standards announced a groundbreaking collaboration to increase the impact of activities that are being implemented under their standards. The collaboration builds on their rich history of integrity and rigor. The standards pledged to join forces on a range of topics and execute a work plan for activities through 2024. Join this special lunch briefing to learn more about the collaboration, their latest joint work since Dubai, and outlooks for this critical collaboration through Baku in November 2024.