Are you traveling to New York for Climate Week and Global Goals Week? Several Verra team members will be there as well, including David Antonioli, Carina Bracer, Sam Hoffer, and Julie Baroody.

Below we list the events our team will be attending throughout the week. Please reach out to us if you would like to connect with any of us at these exciting events!


P4G – Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030

22 – 23 September
Venue: SAP America Inc., 10 Hudson Yards, 48th Fl.
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This event gathers political leaders, business and civil society leaders, and P4G partnerships and partner organizations committed to accelerating partnerships for purpose. There will be an award ceremony presenting the 2019 P4G Scale-Up Partnerships Award winners working to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

From Verra, Julie Baroody, Director, Standards Development, and David Antonioli, CEO, will attend the P4G Award Luncheon to celebrate P4G’s newly announced support for the 3R (Reduce, Recover, Recycle) Initiative, which is co-led by Verra. They will also attend additional related meetings.


Carbon Forum North America 2019

23 – 25 September
Venue: The Explorers Club, 46 East 70th Street
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Carbon Forum North America (CFNA 2019) is an annual regional forum for political and business leaders to discuss business-driven climate solutions, with a focus on carbon policy, pricing, and finance.

Tuesday 24 September, 16:00: “The Sky’s the Limit: Emerging Markets in Natural Climate Solutions (NCS), Aviation and Voluntary”

  • David Antonioli (CEO, Verra)
  • Paul Jefferiss (Head of Policy, British Petroleum)
  • Mary Grady (American Carbon Registry)
  • Duncan van Bergen (New Energies, Royal Dutch Shell)
  • Sean Donovan (International Civil Aviation Organization)


The Just Transition: Just Home or Further Afield?

Organized by Natural Capital Partners
Wednesday 25 September, 17:00-19:00
Venue: Interface Show Room, 330 Fifth Avenue, 12th floor 
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We’re all working towards a net-zero global economy by 2050, with the private sector leading the charge, but how should we prioritize local action to benefit the communities we work with every day versus programs which support regions most impacted by climate change which aren’t on our doorstep?

Verra CEO David Antonioli will be debating the virtues of local vs. global action on climate at this event sponsored by Natural Capital Partners, Interface, and Arbor Day Foundation.



From Ambition to Action: How Companies are Engaging in Nature-based Solutions to Fight the Climate Crisis
Organized by South Pole Climate Leaders
Tuesday 24 September, 16:00-19:30
Venue: Urban Tech Hub @ Company, 335 Madison Ave
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This event will gather inspirational leaders from across industries, academia, and the public sector to share stories of how they decided to take action on climate change and discuss what actions they and their companies are taking.

Aligning Corporations with the Sustainable Development Goals
Organized by Columbia Center for Sustainable Investment
Wednesday 25 September
Venue: Columbia University Faculty House, 64 Morningside Dr.
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This conference aims to clearly and rigorously define SDG-aligned corporate activity to bring coherence and rigor to SDG measurement, reporting, and tools.

Carina Bracer will be attending to discuss uptake of Verra’s SD VISta standard program.

Sustainable Investment Forum North America 2019
Organized by Climate Action
Wednesday 25 September
Venue: Crowne Plaza Hotel, 1605 Broadway
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The Sustainable Investment Forum North America will gather over 350 global attendees representing asset owners and managers, insurers, investors, banks, development banks, policymakers, think tanks and NGOs to discuss the next steps to accelerate the growth of green finance and responsible investment.

Carina Bracer will be on-site to discuss Verra’s SD VISta standard program in light of growing financial investments in the SDGs.

1000 Landscapes for 1 Billion People Initiative
Organized by The 1KL Co-Design Core Team
Friday, 27 September, 15:00-17:30 pm
Venue: Rockefeller Foundation, 420 Fifth Avenue
Click here for more information. By invitation only.

Carina Bracer will attend the inception workshop in representation of LandScale for the collaborative initiative being launched.