Verra, in cooperation with IETA and ITN Productions Industry News, has produced a short video featuring the environmental, social, and economic benefits of blue carbon activities and outlining how the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Program helps unlock finance for these and other natural climate solutions.

Watch Verra’s blue carbon video

David Antonioli, CEO, and Amy Schmid, Manager of Natural Climate Solutions Development, discuss how the VCS Program can help catalyze climate action. Its robust and trusted rules allow projects to quantify their emission reductions and removals and to generate finance for the operation and scaling of their activities.

María Claudia Diazgranados, Blue Carbon Director at Conservation International, also explains how certifying the Blue Carbon Project Gulf of Morrosquillo (Colombia) under the VCS has enabled the project to finance at least half of the project operations through the sale of carbon credits.

The video is part of Blue Sky Thinking, an innovative news-style program focusing on ways to achieve net zero emissions. It grew out of a collaboration between IETA and ITN Productions Industry News and was screened at COP26 in Glasgow.