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Verra to Transition to a Single In-House Registry

Early next year, Verra will be transitioning from having a multi-registry system that is administered by APX and IHS Markit to a single registry administered directly by Verra.

For the past several years, the registry administration services for Verra and its programs have been provided by APX and IHS Markit. In that capacity, APX and IHS Markit worked directly with accountholders in the management of accounts, submission and maintenance of project information, issuance of VCUs and CCB labels, and the invoicing of registry and program fees. Both APX and IHS Markit will continue to provide these services until the transition is complete. Starting in mid-January 2020, all of these functions will be managed directly by Verra.

Verra has partnered with APX to develop the new Verra Registry platform, which is currently under construction. Verra, in close coordination with APX and IHS Markit, will also work to ensure a smooth transition process. A list of Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQ”) is available here and will be updated regularly.

For questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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