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Registry System

Verra is pleased to announce that the new Verra Registry will launch on 9 April 2020. At that point, Verra will transition from a multi-registry system comprised of two service providers, APX and IHS Markit, to a single registry administered directly by Verra.

Until this process is complete, Verra will continue to use APX and IHS Markit to work directly with account holders in the management of accounts, submission and maintenance of project information, issuance of VCUs and CCB labels, and the invoicing of registry and program fees. Once the new Verra Registry is in place, all of these functions will be managed directly by Verra. For the time being, parties interested in opening accounts should contact the existing registry operators (APX and IHS Markit) directly.

For a list of Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQs”) about the transition to the new Verra Registry, click here.

For the Verra Registry Terms of Use, please click here.

Verra Project Database

The current Verra project database which has acted as the central repository for all information and documentation relating to projects using Verra programs will be replaced by the new registry. Going forward, all project and program documentation, together with information on project and jurisdictional proponents, VCU issuance and retirement, the AFOLU pooled buffer account and the jurisdictional pooled buffer account will be available on the new registry.


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