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Registry System

The Verra Registry was launched in April 2020 and is the cornerstone for the implementation of Verra’s standards and programs. It facilitates the transparent listing of information on certified projects, issued and retired units, and enables the trading of units. The Verra Registry also ensures the uniqueness of projects and credits in the system.

An active Verra Registry account is required for any entity wishing to register projects or issue, retire or transfer credits. Account applications may be submitted by clicking on the “Open New Account” button. Note that all registry account applicants will be subject to strict “Know-Your-Customer” background checks.

  • For a list of Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQs”) about the new Verra Registry, click here.
    • Preguntas y repuestas en Español aquí.
  • For the Verra Registry Terms of Use, please click here.
    • For a copy of the Verra Registry Terms of Use with the September 2020 updates marked, click here.
  • For the Verra Registry Communications Agreement for a single project proponent, click here.
  • For the Verra Registry Communications Agreement for multiple project proponents, click here.
  • To read the Verra Registry User Guide, please click here.
  • For an explainer about how VCS serial numbers on the registry are configured, please see here.
  • To view the recording of an introductory webinar on the registry, click here.
  • To view the slides of the introductory webinar in Spanish, click here.
  • Para ver el presentación del registro en español haga click aquí.

Verra Project Database

The Verra Project Database, which has acted as the central repository for all information and documentation relating to projects using Verra programs, has been replaced by the new Verra Registry. Going forward, all project and program documentation, together with information on project and jurisdictional proponents, VCU issuance and retirement, the AFOLU pooled buffer account and the jurisdictional pooled buffer account will be available on the new registry.

If you have  any questions related to the Verra Registry, please contact

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