Verra is deploying a new Stakeholder Contact Form to ensure that stakeholders who have questions about specific projects or any Verra program receive swift and comprehensive responses. The form will be available in the Verra Project Hub starting February 1, 2024. It will be accessible to project proponents who hold an account in the Verra Project Hub and have project(s) registered with or pipeline-listed under any of Verra’s standards programs.

The Stakeholder Contact Form will be managed by Verra’s new Stakeholder Support Team, whose members have a strong background in stakeholder management and customer success.

In its initial format, the Stakeholder Contact Form is designed to collect all necessary information about projects listed on the Verra Registry that have specific IDs, technical issues related to the Verra Project Hub, and general questions about Verra program rules, requirements, and methodologies through an efficient, user-friendly step-by-step process. It will then route each request to the appropriate team within Verra, streamlining the processing of each inquiry and ensuring a prompt response. Inquiries about specific projects will be answered within three business days.

Eligible users can also readily view information about a project’s status, upcoming deadlines, and other technical matters in the Verra Project Hub.

Until further notice, project proponents can still email with questions about their projects; please remember to include the project ID in the subject line. Inquiries submitted via email may take longer to receive a response.