VVB ID: 075
Contact: Nelson Lee
Location: 1567 28th Avenue West, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6J 2Y4 Canada
Website: https://greensky.ca/
Accreditation Body: Standards Council of Canada (SCC)


Note: GSS is currently applying for ISO 14065 scope VCS accreditation with SCC for the sectoral scopes listed below. Final approval is conditional and still pending.


Sectoral scopeStatusSince
1. Energy (renewable/non-renewable)Pending accreditation20/06/2024
2. Energy distributionPending accreditation20/06/2024
3. Energy demandPending accreditation20/06/2024
4. Manufacturing industriesPending accreditation20/06/2024
5. Chemical industryPending accreditation20/06/2024
6. ConstructionPending accreditation20/06/2024
7. TransportPending accreditation20/06/2024
8. Mining/Mineral productionPending accreditation20/06/2024
9. Metal productionPending accreditation20/06/2024
10. Fugitive emissions from fuelsPending accreditation20/06/2024
11. Fugitive emissions from Industrial gasesPending accreditation20/06/2024
12. Solvent usePending accreditation20/06/2024
13. Waste handling and disposalPending accreditation20/06/2024
14. Agriculture, Forestry, Land UsePending accreditation20/06/2024
15. Livestock and manure managementPending accreditation20/06/2024
16. Carbon capture and storagePending accreditation20/06/2024