Plastic Program Advisory Group

The Plastic Program Advisory Group is a multi-stakeholder, cross-sectoral group that helps ensure that the Plastic Waste Reduction Program (Plastic Program) can best meet the needs of the plastic credit market and is well-positioned to enable the delivery of credible plastic waste reduction.

Formed in July 2021, the Plastic Program Advisory Group provides strategic guidance on the evolution of the Plastic Program, including updates to the content of the Plastic Program rules, and provides insights into the needs of a range of users of the Plastic Program. The Group also advises on existing and prospective market opportunities, such as those under extended producer responsibility schemes, voluntary corporate circularity commitments and plastic reduction commitments.

The Terms of Reference for this working group can be found here.


  • Tobias Becker, Parley for the Oceans
  • Jim Cannon, Verra Board
  • Alexander Cramwinckel, Danone
  • Emilie Devenport, South Pole
  • Pranav Goenka, Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW)
  • Justin Guest, Archipelago Eco Investors
  • Steve Hardman, Plastic Collective
  • Ian Hayes, Australian Food & Grocery Council
  • Ann Howard, ANSI National Accreditation Board
  • Anne Johnson, Resource Recycling Systems (RRS)
  • Mark Kenber, Verra Board
  • Tristan Lecomte, Second Life
  • Michael Maggio, Inclusive Waste Recycling Consortium (iWrc)
  • Ellen Martin, The Circulate Initiative
  • Juan Camilo Velásquez Mesa, ICIPC
  • Arne Ragossnig, ISWA
  • Komal Sinha, rePurpose Global, Inc.
  • Amy Tsui, ENGIE Impact
  • Rutger de Witt Wijnen, The Ocean Cleanup

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