Darkwoods Forest Carbon Project





The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) acquired 54,792 ha of land used for logging with the objective of managing the land for ecological conservation objectives. NCC has undertaken a 100-year improved forest management project with the primary objectives to actively manage and protect the property to achieve climate benefits, biodiversity benefits, water benefits, and other ecosystem services benefits; while retaining substantial net benefits for local communities. The ecosystem services provided by the protected forest reduce soil erosion and regulate water flows, improving water quality. The forest is also a key habitat for iconic and threatened species such as Grizzly Bear  and Mountain Caribou. In addition to the ecosystem services, local communities can recreate in the protected forests.

This project is undergoing validation and verification to the Sustainable Development Verified Impact Standard. The project underwent public comment from 23 September to 23 October 2019.

Project ID:



undergoing validation and verification

SD VISta Claims:

SDG Target 6.1: Net improvement in water quality during the monitoring period.

SDG Goal 13: Implement activities to reduced carbon emissions by 871,508 tCO2e during the monitoring period.

SDG Target 15.2: Implemented activities to avoid 1,859 ha of forest harvesting during the monitoring period.

SDG Target 15.5: Implemented activities to protect and enhance biodiversity in the monitoring period.



Project Proponent:

Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC)

Other Standards:

VCS & CCB Programs

Project Documents:

SD VISta Project Description Draft

SD VISta Monitoring Report Draft



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