Supporting land use projects in addressing climate change, benefitting local communities and smallholders, and conserving biodiversity


From time to time, guidance is issued to supplement the CCB Program’s rules and requirements. The Climate, Community & Biodiversity Alliance and its member organizations have developed documents that provide recommendations and examples to support the use of the CCB Standards.

Guidance for the use of the CCB Standards

Issued: May 2014

Co-authored by Climate, Community & Biodiversity Alliance and the Rainforest Alliance, this Guidance for the Use of the CCB Standards provides explanations of key concepts and requirements that will be helpful for project proponents, auditors and any users of the CCB Standards Third Edition.

© Conservation International and Rainforest Alliance

Social and Biodiversity Impact Assessment Manual for REDD+ Projects

Part One: Core Guidance for Project Proponents

Issued: September 2011

The main objective of this manual is to help project proponents implement cost-effective social and biodiversity impact assessments to meet the CCB or other standards and, in so doing, make the projects more successful and sustainable.

© Conservation International and Forest Trends Association

Part Two: Social Impact Assessment Toolbox

Issued: September 2011

The Social Impact Assessment Toolbox introduces a range of social impact assessment (SIA) methods with the aim of helping project proponents decide which ones to use.

Part Three: Biodiversity Impact Assessment Toolbox

Issued: September 2011

The aim of this toolbox is to provide guidance for project developers on each of the biodiversity-related criteria required for certification under the CCB Standards.

© Conservation International and Forest Trends Association

4 November 2021

Verra Projects Open for Public Comment

Comments are invited from the public on the following projects…

10 October 2016

Coming Soon: Streamlined Climate, Community & Biodiversity Program Documents

CCB Program document updates will introduce templates for project reporting and streamline joint use of the CCB and VCS Programs. Updated documents will be open for public comment in November.

16 August 2016

Celebrating the Climate, Community & Biodiversity Program’s 100th Validated Project

Celebrating the over 100 Climate, Community & Biodiversity Program projects working around the world to create benefits for people and planet.

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