Verra has launched a new cohort of the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Program Advisory Group (AG). The VCS AG will serve as a strategic resource to support the development of the VCS Program. The AG’s guidance will ensure the VCS Program meets the needs of the carbon market as it evolves and scales up its climate benefits.

Verra committed to launching a new cohort of the VCS AG under one of the three key focus areas of its “New Era for Verra” initiative, “Enhanced Program Integrity and Impact.”

The AG will add another layer of rigor and stakeholder insight to the VCS Program development process, particularly as Verra prepares for the launch of VCS Program Version 5. In this context, the AG will help ensure that the VCS Program includes rules and requirements in support of the ambition to halve global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030 and reach net zero GHG emissions by mid-century.

As part of the robust governance process that underpins the VCS Program, the advisory group may also provide input on key issues before, during, and after the public consultations Verra holds on all program updates, as well as new methodologies and changes to existing methodologies.

This group of independent experts represents a cross section of voluntary carbon market stakeholders. To view a list of members, please visit the Advisory Groups and Committees webpage.

Please contact with any questions.