Dear Colleague,

This year’s UNFCCC Conference of the Parties in Bonn promises to be a fruitful exchange of insights after the first full year of implementation of the Paris Agreement. We will have VCS staff on the ground during both weeks of COP23 and are looking forward to linking up with colleagues who will also be there. We will also be presenting at several events which we’d like to invite you to attend.

In preparation for COP23, we recently submitted our ideas on how to operationalize Article 6 of the Paris Agreement to a publicly accessible portal created by IETA. The IETA portal serves as a space where submissions from key players in the carbon markets discussion are publicly accessible and can be viewed by anyone interested in how we put Article 6 into practice, from the general public to policy makers and government officials. We at VCS have embraced this opportunity and have submitted our recommendations. We have made the case for robust rules to prevent double counting and the adoption of an ‘open architecture’ approach in which GHG crediting programs like the VCS Program can form part of the architecture needed to drive emission reductions at the scale we need. For a full overview of our submission, read our article on why we submitted or read the full submission on the IETA portal.

With big decisions to make that will shape the future of carbon markets and other climate action, we look forward to the outcomes of this year’s COP. Please read on for a summary of our COP23 events, and see our event flyer for more details including full lists of speakers and event descriptions.

VCS Events, in brief:
Wednesday 8 November at 12:30
ICAO CORSIA State of Readiness
Sponsor: IETA
VCS Speaker: Sam Hoffer

Friday 10 November at 13:00
Article 6.4 operationalisation state of play
Sponsor: IETA
VCS Speaker: Sam Hoffer

ICAT Event:
Wednesday 8 November at 11:15
Supporting Enhanced Transparency of Climate Impacts
Sponsors: International Emissions Trading Association
VCS Speaker: Carolyn Ching

We look forward to seeing you there!

David Antonioli