Three new plastic projects were recently listed on the Verra Registry and are now open for public comment. Listing is the first step to certification in Verra’s Plastic Waste Reduction Program (Plastic Program). These projects reflect the wide range of project activities that can use the Plastic Waste Reduction Standard (Plastic Standard) to generate Plastic Credits:

  • The Hub for Circular Economy of Plastic Residue Project: This project in Quebec, Canada, will source plastic waste from local sorting centers, non-profit organizations, and the agricultural industry and recycle it. Modix Plastique, the project proponent, plans to use the revenue from selling Plastic Credits to invest in a recycling facility that will process LDPE and LLDPE (types of low-density polyethylene plastic).
  • Project Hara Kal: Recovery of Ocean & Nature-Bound Plastic from Villages in Kerala, India: Green Worms and rePurpose are cooperating to improve municipal waste collection in villages across Kerala, India. The project keeps low-value plastic waste out of the environment by collecting and sorting it, and then using it as fuel for cement kilns.
  • Clean Kedarnath: Recykal, the project proponent, has established a Deposit Return System to incentivize plastic waste collection from pilgrims to the Kedarnath shrine in India. The project works with partners who will recycle the collected plastic waste.

To comment on these projects, please enter your feedback in the comment box on the respective project’s page on the Verra Registry.

After the public comment period, each project will undergo validation by a third-party auditor and can then request registration with Verra. Verra will conduct a comprehensive review of all project documents, including the audit report, to ensure that they meet the requirements of the Plastic Program.