Starting on February 1, 2024, Verra will publish the average processing times for various types of project review requests to increase transparency around the project review process. Verra has also provided stakeholders with target service-level agreements (SLAs) to establish clear performance benchmarks regarding project review times. Average project review processing times and the performance benchmarks are now available on the Verra Project Hub, giving project proponents greater visibility into the status of their requests and the expected timelines associated with project review.

The information about average project review processing times is based on a thorough analysis of the relevant data for each project review stage in the registration and verification process. Every month, the Verra Project Hub will be updated to feature the current three-month rolling average for the project review times at each stage, divided into (1) Natural Climate Solutions and (2) Energy and Industry projects. Newly improved user-friendly terminology will enable project proponents to quickly identify the necessary information and understand the sequences of the full registration and verification processes.

Based on the above data, Verra has finalized target SLAs that set clear goals and performance benchmarks for the project review processing times that it will strive to meet in the coming months. Verra has also launched several new tools and technologies in the Verra Project Hub to expedite the project review process in accordance with the SLAs. These include the Digital Project Submission Tool and digitalized project review submissions.

The publication of project review timelines and the development and execution of SLAs fall under the “operational excellence” priority area of the New Era for Verra initiative.