Today, Verra released the Plastic Waste Collection Methodology, v1.1. This methodology sets out eligibility criteria and accounting procedures for plastic waste collection projects to issue Waste Collection Credits (a specific type of Plastic Credit) under Verra’s Plastic Waste Reduction Program.

The applicability conditions of the methodology contain a list of appropriate end destinations, including landfills, for collected plastic waste along with specific sets of criteria for each end destination. The revised methodology lists updated landfill criteria to address the fact that projects in some regions cannot reasonably access landfills that meet all criteria in the methodology. The revised methodology also emphasizes the need to reduce the use of landfills over time as access to recycling infrastructure increases; it also requires project proponents to use landfills that meet the criteria to the extent possible.

The revised version of the methodology will enable more projects to access financing to scale activities that keep plastic out of the environment in countries where this is most needed.

Public Consultation

During the public consultation on the proposed revisions in late 2021, Verra received 23 comments.

Effective Date

The Plastic Waste Collection Methodology, v1.1 is effective as of today, 30 June 2022. Projects using the Plastic Waste Collection Methodology, v1.0 must request listing on the Verra Registry by 30 September 2022 and complete validation and request registration with the Plastic Program by 31 December 2022.

Any questions regarding this revision to the methodology may be sent to