Verra is opening a 30-day public consultation on proposed revisions to the Plastic Waste Collection Methodology.

This methodology sets out eligibility and accounting requirements for plastic waste collection activities. We need your input to ensure that it upholds robust requirements for plastic waste collection projects around the world while also addressing the challenges that they face.

Some plastic waste is low-value and difficult to separate and recycle, and often, the best end destination for this waste is a landfill. However, projects in some regions cannot reasonably access landfills that meet all criteria in the methodology, and the proposed revisions to the methodology update the landfill requirements to allow project proponents to use landfills that meet the criteria to the extent possible. The revisions emphasize that the use of landfills should be reduced over time as access to recycling infrastructure increases.

Verra values stakeholder input, and we continually update our methodologies to ensure they are broadly applicable and reference the latest available data and scientific research. Project proponents are invited to reach out to us with technical questions or to discuss the applicability of methodology requirements for their particular project context.

The public comment period for the revised methodology is 6 October to 5 November 2021. Please submit any comments using the template to