Revision to PWRM0001 Plastic Waste Collection Methodology, v1.0

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Revision to PWRM0001 Plastic Waste Collection Methodology, v1.0

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This methodology provides procedures to estimate the additional plastic waste removed or diverted from the environment through informal and formal activities, such as waste picking from the environment and installation of waste collection infrastructure. The objective is to prevent plastic waste from remaining in or ending up in the environment. The applicability conditions of the methodology include a list of appropriate end destinations for collected plastic waste, and landfills must meet certain criteria in order to be considered eligible end destinations for collected waste.

The proposed revisions to the methodology update the landfill criteria to address the fact that projects in some regions cannot reasonably access landfills that meet all criteria in the methodology. The revisions emphasize that the use of landfills should be reduced over time as access to recycling infrastructure increases; the revisions also require project proponents to use landfills that meet the criteria to the extent possible.