Verra has launched a Scope 3 Standard Program Development Group that will work to ensure Verra’s Scope 3 Standard Program is designed to unlock immediate and large-scale investment in credible supply chain climate action.

The group will meet regularly throughout the Scope 3 Standard Program development process to provide input and constructive feedback on key technical decisions and the proposed text for the program documents. It will also focus on establishing the program’s relevance to and utility for the needs of corporate inventory accounting. Additionally, this group aims to support the goals, objectives, and foundational concepts of the program by aligning it with interconnected initiatives, working groups, tools, programs, policies, and technologies external to Verra.

Verra received over 80 high-quality applications in response to its call for expressions of interest to join the group. To capture the breadth and depth of expertise represented in the applications, Verra increased the size of the group. The selected group members represent a diverse range of sectors, organizations, geographies, and backgrounds. They also offer a wealth of technical expertise and experience.

As Scope 3 Standard Program development continues, there will be additional opportunities to get involved, including a forthcoming call for Scope 3 Program pilot projects. Interested stakeholders can also apply (external) to join Verra’s Scope 3 Program Development Consultative Group to engage in the process. Stay tuned as well for biannual update webinars beginning in 2024.