As the demand for Verra’s Climate, Community & Biodiversity Standards, Plastic Waste Reduction Standard, and Sustainable Development Verified Impact Standard grows, Komal leads on Verra’s policy engagement and market development related to these programs.

Komal is a climate and sustainability professional with over 15 years of experience in the design and implementation of climate and development projects that contribute toward global climate goals, while creating socio-economic benefits for marginalized communities.

Over the last few years, Komal has focused on addressing the plastic challenge and inequality issues across the entire plastic value chain. She has worked on the development of plastic accounting and reduction tools, implementation of plastic waste management projects, creation of social programs for marginalized informal waste workers, and on strategic partnerships to bolster the integrity of plastic credits. She also served as a member of Verra’s Plastic Standard Development Committee (PSDC) and Plastic Program Advisory Group (PPAG).