VCS project developers are reminded of the following important dates for project validation and registration.

8 March 2013: Date by which AFOLU projects with a start date between 1 January 2002 and 8 March 2008 must complete validation.

AFOLU project proponents applying a recently updated VCS methodology, specifically one of the methodologies revised to conform with new rules on the timing of emissions from select carbon pools, shouldcontact the VCS Secretariat if they are unable to meet their validation deadline due to circumstances related to the VCSA revision process.

4 April 2013: Date by which projects undergoing validation must be listed on the project pipeline.

The Project Pipeline is a section of the VCS project database where forthcoming projects are listed. Project proponents must open a registry account and list on the project pipeline before beginning the validation process. Learn more.

4 April 2013: Date by which projects must use the latest document templates for project development and validation/verification.

New program document templates were released as part of the 4 October program update. To ensure consistency in reporting, project proponents and validation/verification bodies are required to use the latest versions of all templates.

As always, questions about program updates may be sent to