In preparation for Verra’s transition to a single registry administered directly by Verra, we have published our updated fee schedules that reflect this operational change. There are two important updates:

  1. We have introduced a Verra Registry Account Opening Fee of USD 500. This one-time fee will be charged for any new account applications that are submitted after the launch of the Verra Registry. This fee will not be charged for existing APX and IHS Markit accounts that will be migrated to the Verra Registry. This account opening fee is reflected in our Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), Climate, Community & Biodiversity Standards (CCB), Sustainable Development Verified Impact Standard (SD VISta), and the California Offset Project Registry (OPR) fee schedules.
  2. We have updated our VCU Issuance Levy sliding scale by (a) introducing a new fee band in an effort to lower costs for small-scale projects and (b) introducing a modest increase to VCU levies at the higher fee bands. The details of the new VCU Issuance Levy sliding scale are reflected in our VCS Program Fee Schedule.

The two updates above reflect the entirety of our fee schedule updates. All other elements of our program fee schedules remain unchanged. Also, we will not be charging for actions such as VCU retirements or transfers in the Verra Registry.

The fee schedules provided above will go into effect on 9 April 2020, when the Verra Registry is scheduled to go-live. Until that time, our existing fee schedules will apply. Importantly, note that when visiting our program document pages for VCS, CCB, SD VISta and the Verra OPR, the new fee schedules provided above will be shown as “Coming Soon”; the existing fee schedules will continue to be available and in effect until 9 April 2020.

Please let us know if you have any questions by sending an email to