CCB & VCS Program updates released today, 17 July

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Today we are rolling out a number of updates to CCB and VCS Program documents. These updates will streamline use of the programs and introduce a number of other important changes and clarifications.

You can find a full list of updates and their applicable grace periods for the CCB Program here and for the VCS Program here. A catalogue of revisions for each individual program document can also be found at the end of each document.

Highlights of the program updates include:

CCB Program

  • New project document templates for all CCB Standards editions, including combined templates for projects using the CCB Program together with the VCS Program
  • Dedicated template section designed to help projects communicate their anticipated and achieved social and environmental benefits
  • Streamlined processes for project document submission and review, especially for projects using the CCB Program together with the VCS Program, including a new accuracy review process
  • Alignment of terms, requirements and processes with those of the VCS Program
  • Reorganization and reformatting of existing CCB Program documents, and introduction of a new CCB Program Definitions document

VCS Program

  • New completeness review process for project listings, and registration and issuance requests
  • Updated requirements for projects to use the global warming potentials referenced in the IPCC’s Fourth Assessment Report
  • New process for providing errata and clarifications to program documents
  • Introduction of more flexible criteria for determining when methodologies may be approved via a streamlined process

Webinars describing the program updates will be held during the following times:


16:00 China Standard Time / 13:30 India Standard Time / 9:00 Central European Time
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13:00 Eastern US / 10:00 Pacific US
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