Verra has launched a public consultation to seek feedback on proposed minor revisions to VMR0006 Methodology for Installation of High Efficiency Firewood Cookstoves, v1.1.

VMR0006 is a revision to CDM methodology AMS-II.G., Energy efficiency measures in thermal applications of non-renewable biomass. VMR0006 applies to projects that deploy improved thermal energy generation devices, including cookstoves, ovens, and dryers.

The proposed minor revisions to VMR0006 include the following:

  • Editorial improvements, including a reference to the latest version of AMS-II.G.;
  • Updates to the following default values:

    • baseline device efficiency
    • average annual consumption of woody biomass
    • wood-to-charcoal conversion factor
    • non-CO2 emission factor for wood fuel

  • A new approach for the determination of project stove efficiencies; and
  • Incorporation of the Errata and Clarifications published by Verra in October 2022.

Verra initiated a review of VMR0006 triggered by a well-founded concern regarding a misalignment between VMR0006 and the latest version of the referenced CDM methodology (AMS-II.G.). The review was conducted in accordance with the VCS Methodology Development and Review Process, v4.2, and determined that the methodology requires a minor revision.

This minor revision is distinct from the ongoing development of the proposed VCS Consolidated Methodology for Improved Thermal Energy Generation Units (M0174) announced in June 2022, led by Atmosphere Alternative, the consultant appointed by Verra. Relevant comments from this consultation may also inform the ongoing development of this consolidated methodology, which Verra expects to release by the end of the year.

Verra served as the primary author of the proposed minor revisions to VMR0006, v1.1, after consulting with other experts in this space.

The grace period for listed projects to complete validation under the current version of VMR0006 will end on 28 June 2023, three months from the release of this announcement, after which projects must complete validation under the revised methodology. Registered projects will be required to switch to the latest approved version of the methodology at the project crediting period renewal, if applicable. All projects have the option to switch to the revised methodology as soon as it is approved.

Stakeholders are encouraged to submit feedback to by 27 April 2023 using the M0218 Comment Template.