Verra has published a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a consultant or consulting team to update and revise VM0044 Methodology for Biochar Utilization in Soil and Non-Soil Applications, v1.1 in the Verified Carbon Standard Program.

Biochar, a carbon-rich solid material created from biomass subjected to high heat and limited-oxygen environments, has the potential to remove from the atmosphere at least 6% of total greenhouse gas emissions from 155 countries. Considering biochar’s significant climate, agronomic, and environmental benefits, Verra seeks to strengthen the methodology by incorporating feedback from a public consultation on changes to v1.1 of the methodology and additional stakeholder input received since the publication of v1.1.

The consultant or consulting team will work with Verra to identify any additional changes to the methodology as they develop version 2.0 of VM0044.

Planned changes to the methodology include updating monitoring parameters to facilitate eligibility for low-technology facilities, updating emission factors to reflect the latest science on biochar, and revising procedures for determining feedstock modes of transport and distance thresholds for greenhouse gas accounting. A full list of planned updates is available for review in the RFP.

Please submit proposals by Friday, January 26, 2024, to Karina Bautista, Senior Program Officer, Nature-based Innovation (