Sectoral Scope

3. Energy demand

7. Transport

Outcome Label



Active from 15 May 2024

The CDM methodology AMS-III.BP.: Emission Reduction by Shore-Side Electricity Supply System applies to shore-side electricity supply to ships docked at berths, displacing electricity produced from ships’ fossil fuel auxiliary power generator(s). This methodology revision expands the scope of AMS-III.BP. to include off-shore electricity supply systems such as power buoys that provide electricity to ships waiting off-shore to dock.

Development History

VMR0010 Electricity Supply for Ships, v1.0

Status: Active since May 15, 2024
Mitigation Outcome Label Eligibility: Reductions
Developer: Stillstrom (external) and Carbonomics (external)
Dates of Public Consultation: February 13, 2024 to March 14, 2024
Draft Shared During Public Consultation: VMR0010, v1.0 Draft Methodology (PDF)
Summary of Public Consultation: VMR0010, v1.0 Summary of Public Consultation (PDF)
VVB Assessment Report: N/A – minor revision
Announcements: Consultation, Final Release