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3. Energy demand

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Approved 12 February 2014

This modular methodology provides a framework for quantifying GHG emission reductions achieved through gains in energy efficiency and renewable energy deployment on college, university or school campuses in the United States. Specifically, the methodology provides the procedures for quantifying reductions in scope 1 stationary combustion emissions and scope 2 electricity emissions achieved as a result of campus-wide interventions or through LEED certification in individual buildings. The associated modules use a combination of performance benchmark and project method approaches to assess additionality and quantify campus-wide and/or building-specific emission reductions.

Guidance Materials

1. Chevrolet’s Carbon Reduction Initiative

2. USGBC’s Chevrolet Campus Clean Energy Campaign

3. USGBC’s Guidance for Campus-wide projects

4. USGBC’s Guidance for LEED Building projects

A recording of the webinar discussing this methodology can be found here


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