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14. Agriculture, Forestry, Land Use


Under Development

This proposed new methodology quantifies GHG emission removals through the growth of seaweed and kelp, and the storage of carbon in the sediments on the ocean floor. Project activities include the implementation and operation of new farms and possibly, existing farms that undergo an operational change beyond what a farm is currently doing.

This concept note is part of a collaboration with the developers of concept note M0172 – Methodology for Creation of Seaweed or Kelp Farms. Both proposals aim to develop a seaweed methodology framework, with the initial project activity module on nearshore shallow water seaweed farming.


The concept note was submitted by Oceans 2050 (opens on external site) [supported by Climate Wedge and Carbonomics] and is currently at Step 2: Methodology Concept Note Development of the VCS Methodology Development and Review Process, 4.3 (PDF).

Stakeholders who are interested in collaborating during methodology development or developing projects that this methodology might enable are encouraged to reach out to Please include the Methodology Development ID# CN0122 in the subject line.