Letter from the CEO

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

In this month’s newsletter I am pleased to present a shortlist of important developments that reflect the ongoing evolution and improvement of the VCS. First, we are seeking a Senior Program Officer to support and oversee the work of VVBs. Next, we have finalized the last details needed to launch our new project pipeline – a key piece of infrastructure that will give greater transparency and visibility to projects that are not yet registered. We have also completed the review of several methodologies and will set out next steps tomorrow morning. During the review process, we set out clear rules and procedures for updating all methodologies, now and in future. This is a major piece of work that is important for ensuring that market-led methodology development is scalable and also capable of providing a smooth path for methodologies to incorporate evolving science and best practice. Last, but by no means least, I am pleased to welcome our newest member of the VCS Board, EDF’s Jennifer Haverkamp, who joins us in April. Jennifer brings a wealth of experience to the VCS Board that will serve the organization well. Read more about all these developments below.


David Antonioli

Program Updates

Project pipeline coming soon: Launch date scheduled for Tuesday 1 May

On 1 May, VCS will launch a new pipeline for listing projects that are not yet registered, improving access to project information and helping project proponents gain exposure for their work. The pipeline will list pre-registration projects in a completely separate and new section of the VCS project database to avoid confusion with registered projects. Pipeline projects will appear either as “under development” or, if the project developer has contracted a validation/verification body, as “under validation.”

Projects are not required to list in the pipeline, but any project may do so by opening a registry account and submitting the appropriate documents. And pipeline projects that complete validation can move seamlessly into the project database as “registered projects.” Stay tuned for detailed requirements for listing in the pipeline – the only program updates in Q2 – on 1 May.

Wetlands Restoration and Conservation (WRC) requirements advance

On 16 March, draft VCS requirements for wetlands restoration and conservation (WRC) completed a peer review process. The draft requirements are now being updated and prepared for a 60-day public consultation period set to begin in mid-April. Stay tuned for the announcement kicking off the public consultation and the public release of the draft requirements.

Methodology Pipeline

Methodology review: Next steps to be announced 30 March

On 30 March, VCS will provide more information about the recent review of several methodologies that may require modifications to comply with latest requirements on standardized methods and the timing of carbon decay in select carbon pools. We’re still finalizing details for tomorrow’s announcement, but we can say that it’s good news – several methodologies will require modifications but most are minor updates which can be completed through a streamlined process facilitated by VCS. Look out for a detailed announcement tomorrow, including specific next steps for each individual methodology.

Four new methodologies posted for public comment in March

Four new methodologies were posted for public comment in March, including a minor revision to REDD methodology VM0009 and a new tool for calculating deforestation rates. To learn more about these methodologies or to submit comments, please visit the “open for comment” box on the VCS home page.

VCS Association Updates

We’re hiring! VCS seeks Senior Program Officer for VVB support

VCS is extending its search for a Senior Program Officer to support and oversee the work of validation/verification bodies (VVBs). Tasks include implementing VVB oversight procedures and coordinating relationships with the UN Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and International Accreditation Forum (IAF) bodies. See the full job announcement.

A warm welcome to new VCS board member, EDF’s Jennifer Haverkamp

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to our newest VCS board member Jennifer Haverkamp. An expert in international environmental and trade law and a former U.S. trade negotiator, Jennifer currently serves as head of Environmental Defense Fund’s International Climate Program. She brings a range of experience and interests to the VCS Board, including a keen interest in market-based REDD and emissions trading for compliance markets, which we expect will dovetail nicely with VCS work on these issues. Jennifer will assume her new role at VCS in April after board members voted to approve her appointment last week. Learn more about Jennifer Haverkamp.