Letter from CEO David Antonioli

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

I just returned from the Rio+20 Summit where leaders from around the world gathered to promote sustainable development. While progress on a number of fronts was limited, I was very happy to see that REDD+ is being recognized as a cornerstone of “green growth” and that our own Jurisdictional and Nested REDD+ (JNR) work is a seen as a key contribution.

I am particularly excited to announce the signing of an MOU with the Brazilian state of Acre, a leader in developing innovative and comprehensive subnational REDD+ activities. The Acre program is the first of a growing number of pilot activities that will serve as real-life examples of operational nested REDD+ systems at jurisdictional (national and subnational) scale. The Acre REDD+ program will no doubt contribute to the sustainable development goals of the Rio+20 summit.

In other welcome news, the latest Ecosystem Marketplace State of the Voluntary Carbon Market report suggests the market is here to stay. Despite struggles across the broader economy in 2011, volumes and values across the voluntary carbon market show positive trends. At VCS, we were happy to see the continued preference for independent third-party standards — with VCS covering more than half of all volumes tracked in the report last year.

Please find below the latest news on the JNR initiative and other VCS developments.


David Antonioli

Program Updates

Open for Comment: Draft Jurisdictional and Nested REDD+ (JNR) Requirements

On 2 July, the draft Jurisdictional and Nested REDD+ requirements’ public consultation period closes. The JNR requirements will set out rules for accounting and crediting emission reductions or removals from REDD+ activities and programs across multiple levels – national, subnational and/or project levels. Review the draft requirements.

Coming Soon: JNR Pilot Activities; JNR Leakage and Non-Permanence Risk Tools

On 19 June, VCS and the Brazilian state of Acre signed an MOU to collaborate on the application of the new VCS Jurisdictional and Nested REDD+ (JNR) framework to the Acre State REDD+ program. This collaboration will serve as a pilot for JNR and produce valuable lessons learned for the design and implementation of emerging jurisdictional REDD+ accounting programs that ensure the integration of emissions reductions across scales — from project to state and national programs.

Meanwhile, VCS is searching for experts to join a new working group to develop JNR leakage and non-permanence risk tools. For more information, see the working group announcement.

Webinar: Wetlands Restoration and Conservation (WRC) Draft Requirements

On 13 June, VCS hosted a webinar to discuss new requirements for crediting wetlands restoration and conservation (WRC) activities. The WRC requirements’ public consultation period closed on 23 June. Stakeholders who missed the webinar can watch it here.

New: Upgrades to VCS Website

In June, the VCS website was refreshed with several new features. Visitors will now find more information ondeveloping projects and purchasing Verified Carbon Units (VCUs). Visitors will also find strengthened requirements for use of the VCS logo.

New Methodology Pipeline

Approved: New Transportation Fuel Switch Methodology 

On 18 June, VCS approved a new methodology for substituting gasoline with ethanol in commercial fleets of flex-fuel vehicles. The methodology, VM0019, may be used by projects that switch to E100 ethanol for at least 95 percent of the gasoline consumed by an existing fleet of commercial flex-fuel vehicles. For more details, see the announcement.

Open for Comment: Revision to AM0090 to Include Conveyor Belt Transportation

On 5 June, a revision to CDM methodology AM0090 was posted for 30-day public comment. The revision allows projects that deliver cargo by off-highway, conveyor belt transportation. To submit comments, visit the methodology page.

VCS Association Updates

Henry Derwent Re-Joins VCS Board

In May, the VCS Board voted to re-appoint former board member Henry Derwent. Henry held a seat on the VCS Board in his prior role as president and CEO of the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), a founder of VCS. The IETA seat is now held by Dirk Forrister. We are grateful Henry will continue contributing his climate policy expertise to the development of VCS.

VCS Seeks Summer Intern

This summer, VCS is looking for an intern who seeks to gain experience across a wide variety of carbon market topics. Specific tasks include supporting policy analysis and program development. For more information, see the VCS jobs board.