As we previously informed you, Verra will be transitioning from its multi-registry system, administered by APX and IHS Markit, to a single registry administered directly by Verra.

We would like to highlight some important information about the launch of the new Verra Registry which is scheduled for 6 April 2020. You can find more detailed information about this change and the process leading up to it on our Verra Registry webpage and on the FAQ page dedicated to this topic.

Most importantly, we strongly recommend that you backup ALL of your account data by either downloading or exporting it in advance of the go-live date. This includes account details, holdings, transfers, projects, issuances, retirements and cancelations. Please contact your Registry Administrator, if you need more information on how to do this.

When the Verra Registry goes live at 09:00 am (EST) on 6 April 2020, all accounts that existed in the APX or IHS Markit registries will be available on the Verra Registry. However, it is not possible to import some data:

  • Historical actions such as approvals, status changes and inter-registry or account transfers will not be “in registry” but will be available via report or data extract.
  • Subaccounts cannot be moved from the APX or IHS Markit systems and these will have to be recreated in the Verra Registry.
  • Pending Issuance Units from IHS Markit accounts will not be available when the Verra Registry launches. Verra does anticipate developing a like product in the future, but that will not be available on the go-live date.

If you hold accounts in both the APX and IHS Markit registries now, they will be available in the Verra Registry as separate accounts.

Finally, if you have any questions about the new Verra Registry, do not hesitate to contact us at