The first project using VM0042 Methodology for Improved Agricultural Land Management has been registered with Verra’s Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Program. The Grassland Restoration and Stewardship in South Africa (external) project developed by TASC will generate emission reductions and removals by sequestering soil carbon and reducing methane emissions from livestock. The grouped project implements improved grazing and rangeland management practices in the grassy biomes of South Africa, in addition to focusing on market access for small farmers.

The registration of this project in the VCS Program marks an important milestone, as it is the first in a large pipeline of projects using VM0042 to achieve registration. Currently, nearly 100 projects using VM0042 are listed in the Verra Registry as “under development” or “under validation.”

The agriculture sector offers a crucial opportunity for the implementation of climate change abatement practices. The sector is responsible for roughly one-quarter of global annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, including around half of anthropogenic methane emissions and three-quarters of nitrous oxide emissions.

Methodologies like VM0042, Verra’s newest and most comprehensive agricultural land management (ALM) methodology, drive finance to improved ALM activities that reduce or remove GHG emissions in diverse agricultural systems, including croplands, grazing lands with livestock, and agroforestry systems. Projects using this methodology can build soil organic carbon stocks and reduce methane and nitrous oxide emissions. They can also deliver important co-benefits, such as soil health, ecosystem restoration, climate resilience, increased water quality and quantity, and livelihood improvements.

Earlier this year, Verra published version 2.0 of VM0042, following extensive expert review and public consultation. This reflects Verra’s commitment to enhanced program integrity and impact under the “New Era for Verra” initiative, which includes a periodic review of all program methodologies.