VCS has approved a revision of CDM methodology AMS-III.BC, Emission reductions through improved efficiency of vehicle fleets.

VMR0004: Revisions to AMS-III.BC to Include Mobile Machinery, v1.0 (developed by Carbon Offset Aggregation Cooperative) expands the CDM methodology to apply to previously ineligible vehicle types such as bulldozers, fork-lifters and road-building machines. AMS-III.BC currently is limited to fleets of trucks, buses, cars and motorized tricycles.

VMR0004 introduces approaches for measuring fuel savings from activities that improve the efficiency of mobile machinery. Measures may include implementing anti-idling devices, tire-rolling resistance improvements, low-viscosity oils and other measures.

Stantec Consulting and First Environment, Inc assessed the methodology revision; all assessment reports and other documents are available on the VMR0004 page of the VCS website.

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