VCS has approved a revision of CDM methodology AMS-III.Y, Methane avoidance through separation of solids from wastewater or manure treatment systems.

VMR0003: Revisions to AMS-III.Y to Include Use of Organic Bedding Material, v1.0 (developed by Native Energy, Inc.) expands the CDM methodology to apply to previously ineligible manure management projects at livestock facilities. AMS-III.Y currently cannot be applied to projects that make use of any organic bedding material such as manure, hay or sawdust.

VMR0003 maintains the conservativeness of AMS-III.Y by introducing new approaches for measuring and quantifying methane emissions in the baseline scenario.

First Environment, Inc and Conestoga-Rovers & Associates, Ltd (CRA) assessed the methodology revision; all assessment reports and other documents are available on the VMR0003 page of the VCS website.

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