This is a significant year for environmental and social markets. The voluntary carbon markets are continuing to experience unprecedented growth while delivering tremendous impact; newer markets, such as for biodiversity and plastic, are gaining a strong foothold and seeing a rapid uptake.

For 15 years, Verra has set standards, managed programs, and developed markets for meaningful environmental and social action. We remain more determined than ever to fulfill this ambition. At the same time, Verra is on a journey of transformation, moving beyond the initial era of critical experimentation to a new era of scaling, engaging, and achieving operational excellence. The recent change in leadership offers the perfect opportunity to do this.

Webinar with New Leadership

We held a webinar on Wednesday, August 2, 2023, 11:00-11:45 am ET to give stakeholders an opportunity to meet our new leadership team, learn about Verra’s current priorities and next steps, and hear answers to some frequently asked questions about our work.

We Want to Hear from You

While this webinar did not offer an open Q&A portion due to the large number of expected participants, our interim CEO Judith Simon and other senior leadership at Verra is also conducting a listening tour to engage directly with a core group of our stakeholders to learn what’s important to you. To reach those we cannot meet with one-on-one, we are sending an email with a link to a short stakeholder survey. Thank you to everyone who completed the survey and provided feedback during this process!