VCS today released updates to several program documents to set out requirements for listing on the VCS Project Pipeline, a new section of the VCS Project Database for forthcoming projects.

Effective immediately, forthcoming projects wishing to gain market exposure can list their information on the Project Pipeline.

Pipeline projects will appear in a separate section of the Project Database to distinguish them from projects that are validated, fully registered and ready to issue credits.

See the Project Pipeline web page

Detailed requirements for listing on the pipeline are set out in the updated VCS program documents released today.

See the 2Q12 updates catalogue for a complete list of updates. All updates are incorporated directly into the VCS program documents and can be located by clicking on the relevant link in the 2Q12 updates catalogue.

An overview of all updates since the March 2011 release of VCS Version 3 can be found on the VCS Version 3 Updates page. A list of updates to each individual program document can be found in the history at the end of each document.

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