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Verra Reduces Plastic Program Fees

With 40% of global plastic waste ending up in the environment, scaling up plastic waste collection and recycling activities is an urgent priority. To support such activities, Verra is drastically reducing fees in its Plastic Waste Reduction Program (Plastic Program).

In the revised Plastic Program Fee Schedule (effective 22 October 2021):

  • The upfront registration fees and existing credit levies have been significantly reduced by up to 90% to minimize the financial burden on project proponents, especially of smaller projects;
  • The levy structure has been expanded to include volumes above 5,000 tonnes to further incentivize and reward projects that collect or recycle more than 5,000 tonnes of plastic waste annually.

Verra charges fees, such as registration fees and Plastic Credit issuance levies, to cover the costs of operating the Plastic Program. These fees are based on the most recent data about future plastic waste collection and recycling projects and are periodically updated as new data becomes available.

Please contact, if you have questions about the Plastic Program or its fees.

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