Verra is introducing a user-friendly digital version of its Notice of Validation/Verification Services (NOVS) form to streamline Verra’s process for Performance Observation audits. During a Performance Observation audit, Verra staff join the validation/verification body (VVB) audit of a project, which can be either remote or onsite, to observe and assess the quality of the VVB’s performance. Results from the Performance Observation audit serve as indicator data for Verra’s broader Performance Monitoring Program, with the aim of keeping VVBs accountable for the quality of their work and ensuring the integrity of Verra projects.

This update is part of Verra’s recently announced “New Era for Verra” initiative, which includes a commitment to increasing operational excellence by carrying out a multiyear digitalization plan.

VVBs across all Verra standards programs use this form to notify Verra of an upcoming remote or onsite project site visit, which is mandatory for project validation and verification. Verra reviews these notices and informs the respective VVB if the planned validation/verification has been selected for a Performance Observation audit.

Transitioning the form to a digital format has the following advantages:

  • It streamlines the submission and data-gathering process, and makes it more user-friendly.
  • It minimizes errors by auto-populating certain fields, which prevents data submission errors.
  • It makes accessing, processing, and analyzing the submitted information more efficient, increasing operational efficiency.

The NOVS form will be available on the Verra Project Hub. Starting October 16, Verra will email VVBs with instructions on how to access the tool, along with a user manual.

All VVBs must transition to using the digital form by November 16, 2023. Verra will no longer accept NOVS forms submitted manually via email to after that deadline.

For inquiries related to the digital NOVS form, including troubleshooting, please reach out to