We launched Version 4 of the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Program in September of this year, and there are some important upcoming deadlines associated with this update.

One of the major changes that we made in VCS Version 4 was a revision to the scope of project activities that are eligible under the VCS Program. This scope revision goes into effect for new projects on 1 January 2020. As such, any projects impacted by the exclusion must complete validation and submit project registration requests to a VCS registry administrator on or before 31 December 2019. Verra will not grant any exemptions to this deadline. Note that already registered projects, as well as projects that request registration by this deadline, will be eligible under the VCS Program for the entirety of their renewable project crediting periods.

Additionally, and taking into account that all new projects must undergo a 30-day public comment period before validation can be completed, we highly recommend that proponents of projects that are impacted by the scope revision and that have not yet been listed on the VCS pipeline submit all documentation for pipeline listing by 15 November 2019. This will ensure Verra staff have time to conduct their review before posting the documents for the 30-day public comment period and that the projects are able to complete validation on or before 31 December 2019.

We are currently receiving a high number of pipeline listing and registration requests from projects in order to meet this deadline. We therefore may take a little longer to review and process submitted documentation. Thank you for your patience.