In July 2019, we informed you that Verra will be transitioning from its multi-registry system, administered by APX and IHS Markit, to a single registry administered directly by Verra. We want to take this opportunity to provide you with updated information on the timing of the launch of the new Verra registry.

In consultation with our APX and IHS Markit partners we have decided to reschedule the launch of the Verra Registry to 6 April 2020. Our decision to delay the launch will ensure that there is sufficient time to undertake the necessary work to facilitate a smooth transition to the new registry system.

In close coordination with APX and IHS Markit, we will work to ensure a smooth transition for account holders. We will communicate updates on the account transition procedures and timelines to you through email and through the Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQ”) on the Verra website. We encourage you to check the page from time to time.

APX and IHS Markit will work with you to address any questions you may have regarding existing business or contractual arrangements. If you have any questions regarding the transition to the Verra Registry please email