Two VCS methodologies – VM0009 and VM0010 – have been updated to incorporate technical and editorial clarifications.

The updated versions of these methodologies are effective immediately. Previous versions of the methodologies may no longer be used. Projects referencing these methodologies must refer to the updated versions in all documentation submitted on or after today, 10 November 2011.

Below are brief summaries of the updates.

VM0009: Methodology for Avoided Mosaic Deforestation of Tropical Forests, v1.1

The updated VM0009, v1.1 incorporates clarifications to the soil carbon accounting model used in the methodology. Specifically, the methodology clarifies the use of a default value for modeling the exponential decay of soil organic matter over time. Clarifications were also provided for the procedures for soil sampling.

The methodology developer, Wildlife Works, undertook to update the methodology following a technical review of the soil carbon accounting model undertaken by VCS. The clarifications were independently reviewed by two technical experts and two validation/verification bodies, DNV and Environmental Services.

VM0010: Methodology for Improved Forest Management: Conversion from Logged to Protected Forest, v1.1

The updated VM0010, v1.1 incorporates a revision to an equation in order to clarify the order of operations for calculating the net greenhouse gas emissions.  Further, the methodology incorporates a new clarification that only the areas which would have been harvested in the baseline scenario can be modeled for on-going forest growth in the project scenario.

The methodology developer, GreenCollar, undertook to complete the updates following a request from VCS. The clarifications were independently reviewed by two validation/verification bodies, Rainforest Alliance and DNV.