As Director, Program Secretariat, Cassio oversees the Program Secretariat Team, whose main attributes are connecting our stakeholders with our operations, supporting them in their journey with Verra; developing and implementing operational excellence practices in our internal processes; and conducting data analysis as to measure process and individual performance. Cassio also works closely with other teams within the Program Management Department to ensure efficiency on project requests and clear communication with relevant stakeholders.

Cassio is an experienced professional bringing more than fifteen years of experience in sustainability, ESG policies, agriculture, and academia. His career has been focused on supporting a better world for future generations, conserving the environment, and fostering sustainable development. Before joining Verra, Cassio worked for several sustainability standard-setting organizations, implementing sustainable agricultural practices (especially coffee, cocoa, and tea), engaging with industries, governments, and civil society organizations, and developing strategies to implement sustainability services.

Cassio holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in business administration (UFLA – Brazil) with several articles published and an MBA in Agribusiness (FGV – Brazil). Cassio is a passionate football (or soccer) fan and enjoys traveling, cooking, and learning languages.